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profile-alexandraName: Alexandra
Alias: Alex, The Best Friend
Birthdate: June 26th
Age: 16-18
Zodiac: Gemini
Height: 5’5″
Ethnicity: African American
Likes: Petting Zoo, Food, Shopping, Ultra Loud Zone (band), Martial Arts, Baseball
Personality: Sporty, Sensitive, Friendly, Cowardly (sometimes), Childish, Naive, Gullible
Favorite Food: Chinese Cuisine, Asian Cuisine, Natural Bran Muffin
Dislikes: People Littering
Hometown: Beverly Hills, California

Alex is a main character in the Totally Spies! series. She wears a golden yellow Catsuit when she’s on a spy mission. The color of her suit yellow to represent her liveliness, she’s the sunbeam of the group! In “Game Girls“, Alex also wore a blue/silver catsuit. Sporty, cool, and funny, Alex is the person that everyone wants as their best friend.

Alex is a mixture of being a tomboy and a girly girl. She is athletic and fitness-minded between all three girls. Despite being the most athletic is she tends to be clumsy and has been prone to having bad luck. (she can be very superstitious).  She loves to play sports, especially video games, soccer, and trying out the latest new diet fad. One of Alex’s hobbies is eating. She loves food! Although she may be the most healthy of the three spies, she likes to eat the most. In various episodes, you can see her dreaming about candy, or eating non-stop. She is also a big animal lover and likes petting zoos.

Alex is also the most naive and absent-minded in the group, she sometimes interprets figures of speech too literally. Since she is the youngest, some say she can be the most childish at times, I say a kid at heart, her dearest friend is a stuffed pig named Oinky, and she wears a teddy bear backpack often. She is like the litter sister of the group, and Sam and Clover are the two big sisters who dominate. A good quality about Alex is that she is always trying to keep her friends happy if Clover and Sam happen to get into meaningless squabbles. She is very concerned about fashion and boys, to the same extremes as Clover; an obsession that Sam has trouble understanding.

Fun Facts

✿ Alex is very afraid of geese but she hides it from her friends.
✿ Alex is a horror movie fanatic but they tend to scare hear easily.
✿ Alex speaks Spanish.
✿ Alex had the hardest time learning how to drive and didn’t receive hers until episode 14.


✿  Carmen
✿  Father (unnamed)


✿  Clover
✿  Samantha
✿  Britney


✿  Jerry Lewis


✿  Mandy
✿  Dominique
✿  Caitlin
✿  Mindy

Love Interests

✿  Dean
✿  Martin Mystery
✿  Virgil
✿  David