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profile-cloverName: Clover
Alias: The Most Popular
Birthdate: August 8th
Age: 16-18
Zodiac: Leo
Height: 5’7,2″
Ethnicity: American
Likes: Shopping, The Smoochie Platypus (band), Dancing, Cheerleading
Personality: Fashionable, Impulsive, Flirtatious
Favorite Food: Vegetarian, Pescetarian, Semi-vegetarian, Vegan, Poppy Seed Muffin
Dislikes: Soccer
Hometown: Beverly Hills, California

Clover is a main character in the Totally Spies! series. She wears a red Catsuit when she’s on a spy mission. The color of her suit is red because she is the happiest. Out of all three girls, Clover is the one who acts the most like a typical teenage girl. She’s obsessed with fashion, boys, and her appearance. Ironically, when on mission’s she’s usually the one who’s transformed in some way, be it becoming a bodybuilder, a sumo wrestler, or even a human catgirl. Even though Clover tends to be more focused on materialistic and superficial substances than on her missions, she does understand the importance of friendship and teamwork.

Clover is the girliest and flirtatious of the group. She is known to have had an abundance of boyfriends and seems like she will do anything to get and impress a guy! In almost all missions, she is always talking about a guy she wants to date or talking about an outfit she’s going to wear on a date. During elementary school, she was always bullied by her classmates and mainly by one boy, Robbie Guthrie because she was particularly easy to trick. Another example of her boy craziness is she was struggling to find a date for her debutante party, as she had dated every single boy in the city. Her love of boys can almost (if not entirely) be matched by her love of fashion and beauty.

Clover is the most intimately knowledgeable of her friends about pop culture topics, especially topics having to do with attractive male celebrities. She has been known to use questionable methods to obtain such information, but nothing illegal. Being a stereotypical “American teenage girl”, as well as being a native of Los Angeles, California, Clover speaks with a strong valley girl accent by saying things like “totally”, and adding the word “like” and “much?”. Some episode names are a play on her accent.

Fun Facts

✿  Clover secretly takes modeling lessons to date guys.
✿  Clover secretly tries to bake cakes for Valentine’s Day.
✿ Clover’s number is 818-387 she wrote it on Blaine’s chest when she met him at the beach.
✿ Clover is well versed in surf lingo since she took up classes.


✿  Stella
✿  Father (unnamed)


✿  Norman (cousin)
✿  Older Sibling (unamed)


✿  Sam
✿  Alexandra
✿  Britney


✿  Jerry Lewis


✿  Mandy
✿  Dominique
✿  Caitlin
✿  Geraldine Husk
✿  Gelee
✿  Diminutive Smalls

Love Interests

✿  Dean
✿  Blaine
✿  David