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profile-jerry lewisName: Jerry Lewis
Alias: Jerr
Birthdate: Unknown
Age: 60
Zodiac: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Ethnicity: American
Likes: Golfing
Personality: Professional, Serious, Caring
Favorite Food: Fish and Chips
Dislikes: Blueberry (allergies)
Hometown: Beverly Hills, California

Gerald James “Jerry” Lewis is the founder and leader of WOOHP, the World Organization Of Human Protection. He’s been with WOOHP for over 35 years. He is a. middle-aged, very serious British gentleman, and is the person responsible for briefing the girls on their mission as well as providing them with their gadgets from their missions. He has a tendency to send the girls on “test missions” without telling them that they’re not real missions.

He started WOOHP in the 1970s. He is the primariy office worker and has often particpated in a few of the girls mission. Despite his think, lanky, and non-athletic appearance, he has highly impressive vombat skills. Even though he is the director of a spy organization, WOOHP security is surprisingly lax and has been breached on multiple occasions, unfortunately. Although he is a master spy himself he can be prideful at times and be oblivious, inattentive, and overly trusting.

It’s revealed in the series that he actually enjoys WOOHPing the girls (a term meaning a way of suddenly transporting the girls to WOOHP) which to them is a constant annoyance and inconvenience.  His mother, Lewis, was introduced in “Mommies Dearest”. She is unaware of Jerry’s job at WOOHP as he has told her, as a cover-up, that he actually owns a hotel in Beverly Hills. As such, she finds his erratic behavior around her (caused by his WOOHP job), such as “talking into wallets” and going onto the roof (to talk to the girls) as a reason to keep an eye on him. In season 5 , his mother reveals that she was also a spy when she was a young woman before turning to the path of evil (caused by drinking the evil-gene that had accidentally spilled into her tea). Jerry is somewhat cursed in his personal life in that all the people he relates to keeping turning out to be supervillains. They have all been revealed as villains attempting to kill Jerry and/or destroy WOOHP. In one episode Sam, Clover, and Alex tell Jerry; that they are going to miss him because he is like a grandfather to them.

Fun Facts

✿  Jerry secretly moonlights at the Roller Burger Cafe during the week.
✿  Jerry is secretly engaged in bodybuilding on the beach.
✿  Jerry has an iced-tea rapper costume and he calls himself Ice J when he wears it.


✿  Lewis (mother)


✿  Terrence Lewis (twin brother)
✿  Sherry Lewis (sister)


✿  Geraldine Husk

Love Interests

✿  Tammy
✿  M.O.M
✿  Myrna Beesbottom (ex-wife)