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Welcome to, a fan resource site dedicated to Totally Spies!, a french-canadian animated series. Totally Spies Forever provides English information about the show, as well as music, rare images, and other goods! So feel welcome to browse around. Any question, comments and suggestions for site improvement, just drop a line in the tagboard!

I finally got around to adding all Animated Episode List for each Season to the Story page. I also added some new live performance images to the Totally Spies Band Page. There are also new Icon/Avatar additions to the Gallery page as well for anyone who are a fan of graphics!

Hello all! So I finally got around to adding the episodes for Season 1 and the Totally Spies! 2009 Movie is available in the Video Archive for watching here on the website for free! Yay! More to come soon.

Hi everyone! I’d like to take you back from 3 years ago to witness your favorite girls of Totally Spies! in live action! YES! LIVE! A video showing Katie Griffin (Alex) Left, Andrea Baker (Clover) Middle, and Jennifer Hale (Sam) Right speaking at MegaCon 2017. You can find the Videos, on the Video Archive page.

More updates coming soon! So stay tuned.

I’ve added some Video Shorts from the Totally Spies! official website to the Video Archive.  Some of the video clips include characters like Mandy, Alex, and Clover.

Since the official Totally Spies! website is no longer active, I had to screen record and audio record the clips and put them together in premiere pro, so they are of decent quality. If you have higher quality versions of these videos please feel free to donate, but overall they are fun to watch and look good.!

I also added a few Totally Spies! albums to the Music Archive page.

All tracks are provided as samples only, please delete after 24 hours. All rights belong to the original artists, no infringement is intended.

I hope to add more music over time. Right now the CDs are currently being shipped to me. Yay!

I’ve got plenty more updates in mind, it’s all just a matter of finding the time to do it. Thanks for stopping by!

I’ve started to update the “Cast” section so there’s a little more on the information available there. So far I’ve written profiles for Sam, Alex, Clover, Jerry, and Mandy. I’ll add others when I have the time,

I’ve also added several more links to the “Website” section, so there’s a lot of fun website places to visit once you’re done browsing around here.

Thank you all and any fans of the Totally Spies! series for visting I hope this site will be a helpful resource to fans for the series. While everything at the moment is very, slim I hope to build upon the site and add more in my free time. So expect slow but steady update overtime. I hope you will enjoy the pages that are currently up and running on the site, even though this site is still under construction. I just want to give a big thank you to anyone that visits this website.