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Q. Is W.O.O.H.P paying the spies?

Totally Spies Alex Chicken Suit'A. Many fans of Totally Spies! noticed throughout the entire series; the girls worked for WOOHP, and never seem to earn a paycheck. Shouldn’t they get paid for their jobs? They have saved the world numerous times. Why did the writers have the concept of the girls working for a secret spy organization and yet have to get real jobs for their paycheck?

In Season 3 Episodes 3 Computer Creepy Much Alex stated that she’s strapped for cash since her parents went on vacation and she doesn’t get an allowance. To this, I say perhaps Alex doesn’t manage her money well? Then in Season 3 Episode 5 Evil Coffee Shop, Much? the girls had to work at the Mail-U cafe in order to pay rent for their Penthouse dorm (until they saved the world once again and got it for free) so technically the girls should get paychecks and bonuses for saving the world. Perhaps them working was to maintain a normal teenage image. Or perhaps they wanted to work but don’t need to.

There has been a lot of debate regarding if the spies are compensated for their services, I strongly believe WOOHP does pay them. A huge organization like that can afford to pay their spies if they can provide helicopters and fancy spy gadgets.